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  • Spend a day without shoes with Seoul City

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    Spend a day without shoes with Seoul City

    On April 16, Seoul City will be taking part in “One Day without Shoes” (www.onedaywithoutshoes.co.kr), a worldwide event carried out by global shoe brand TOMS.

    Said event is part of the One for One campaign carried out by TOMS and aimed at supplying a pair of shoes to barefoot children for every pair of shoes sold. The One Day without Shoes is a global event designed to let people realize how much a pair of shoes can give to barefoot children. This year marks the sixth time the global event is being held.

    As the third to be held in Korea this year, the annual event will take place in Seoul Square near City Hall. People are invited to take part in the campaign.

    Spend a day without shoes with Seoul City

    Business Hours
    11:00 AM~ 10:00 PM, April 16, 2013
    Seoul Square (*Seoul Subway City Hall Station Exit 5)


    • Walking around Seoul Square barefoot to experience what it is like to live barefoot
    • Style your Sole, wherein shoe designers make designs of TOMS shoes using the theme related to Seoul
    • Performance of famous Korean acoustic bands

    The event will be open to anyone willing to participate.

    Even if you cannot come all the way to Seoul City Hall due to your tight schedule, you can still participate in the event together with your friends wherever you are.
    Simply download the Tool Kit prepared by clicking any of the links below and participate in the humanitarian event co-hosted by Seoul City and TOMS.