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  • “Special Winter Disaster-Prone Facility Checks” Completed

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    From December 2-6, 2013, the Seoul Metropolitan Government carried out special checks of the city’s disaster-prone facilities including traditional markets, old public buildings and dilapidated apartment and multi-unit housing buildings, which are particularly vulnerable to fires in winter as well as snowstorms.

    ● ‘Sample Safety Checks’ done for 14 disaster-prone facilities including traditional markets and decrepit public facilities (Dec. 10-19, 2013)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government selected 14 locations that were especially vulnerable to fires due to the high use of oil, gas and electrical devices in winter and carried out extensive safety checks. The locations were also checked for potential damage from snowstorms or windstorms. The special inspection team was comprised of experts in various fields such as electricity, gas, firefighting, architecture, civil engineering and mechanical engineering in addition to some public servants and college-student ombudsmen.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government regularly conducts safety checks, placing particular focus on special themes according to seasons. In summer, it concentrates on checking numerous waterside campsites. During the thawing season, it checks the safety of embankments and revetments around housing complexes. During Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and Lunar New Year, it concentrates its safety checks on outdoor commercial facilities like traditional markets.

    The safety inspection team examined if the facilities would withstand windstorms and snowstorms and their electricity, gas and firefighting equipment were in good operating order. Minor defects were corrected immediately. For more serious safety hazards, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is about to take measures such as the installation of additional props, nets or fences in and around areas that have any likelihood of collapsing.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to pay particular attention to areas susceptible to landslides until the thawing season has ended. For facilities and areas that need to be removed or enforced systematically, it will soon set up action plans and do its best to minimize the number of countless safety hazards in the city on a gradual yet steady basis.


    Before onsite actions were taken on a derelict house


    After immediate actions were taken by the safety inspection team