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  • Special Tours on Autumn Nights with Beautiful Stories of the Hangang (River)

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    • The Hangang (River) Storytelling Tour program is part of a project to “develop and use storytelling for Seoul’s top 5 attractions,” which is being implemented by the city government as a flagship project for this year. The project is part of an effort to cast fresh light on little known stories related to the Hangang riverside parks, places well-known to citizens as resting areas, and develop them into tourism resources, thereby recreating the Hangang (River) as a significant tourism hotspot.

    The Hangang (River) Storytelling Tour is a program in which seven famous mentors of our era serve as storytellers, take walks in key places along the Hangang (River) with tour members, and tell unique stories, providing touching experiences for participants and helping to raise their spirits. The tour courses have been created as part of a program designed to develop these areas into places where the stories of Seoul are shared with both Korean and foreign tourists.

    Held during July and August, the summer tours feature several mentors: Prof. Yoon Moo[SS1] -boo, known as the “authority on birds,” and who started the storytelling program; Lim Ji-ho, the “Vagabond Houseguest”; Jeong Hui-seon, a former member of the National Forensic Service; and comedian Jeon Yoo-seong. The autumn tours, which will continue through October, include the fifth tour, led by photographer Kim Jung-man (Saturday, September 28); the sixth, led by novelist Kim Hun (Saturday, October 12); and the seventh, led by newspaper journalist Noh Ju-seok (Saturday, October 26).

    The tour led by photographer Kim Jung-man takes participants for a walk in Seonyudo Hangang Park, which boasts exotic scenery in an incredibly natural environment. Participants will have excellent opportunities to take pictures of the Hangang (River) as they depart Seonyudo Observatory and walk through the Hill of Wind and by the Water Quality Observatory.

    Mentor Kim Hun’s tour will take participants on a walk in Yeouido Hangang Park, which contains many stories, since it is at the center of the Hangang (River). Participants will walk from Yeouinaru Station, Cascade Plaza, to the Riverside Rest Area and hear an epic story of the Hangang (River) spanning from 2000 years in the past to the present day.

    In the tour with Mentor Noh Ju-seok at the helm, participants are led on a walk through Banpo Hangang Park, which is jam-packed with people every night. Participants will depart from Moonlight Square, pass Seorae Island, and finally reach an outdoor stage on Floating Island.

    • How to apply and participate
    • How to apply: Apply through the Seoul Story website (http://www.seoulstory.org)
    • Application period: 9 am, Monday, Sept. 16 ~ Saturday, Sept. 21 / 9 am, Monday, Sept. 30 ~ Wednesday, Oct 2/9 am, Monday, Oct. 14 ~ Wednesday, Oct. 16
    • How to apply:  150 people are selected on a first come, first served basis, with additional special participants selected later.
      * The period for accepting applications may end early if an excess of applications are received.
      * The seventh tour led by Mentor Noh Ju-seok is offered exclusively for foreigners and multicultural families living in Seoul.



    Information on the Seventh Storytelling Tour 

    • Date : Oct. 26, 2013.(Sat.) 17:00~20:00
    • Place : Banpo Hangang Park
    • Mentor : Mr. Noh Ju-Soek  (journalist)
    • Eligibility  : Any foreigner in Korea who wants to know more about the Hangang (River)

    Theme : Islands on the Hangang (River) that disappeared throughout Seoul’s history of development
    1. . The histories of large islands on the Hangang (River), such as Ttukseom, Jamsildo, Yeouido, and Nanjido
    2. The histories of large and small islands on the Hangang (River) that disappeared throughout Seoul’s development, such as Seokdo, Boorido, Jeojado, and Seonyudo
    3. Music concert
    4. Talk show: “Hangang (River), transformed and returned to life once again”
    5. Q&A session

    Please fill in the requested items below
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    4. Companion
    Please provide any additional comments you may have.


    • Term : 10 am, Oct. 14, 2013 (Mon.) ~ 6 pm, Oct 20, 2013 (Sun.)
    • Submission: Please submit applications through www.seoulstory.org.
    • Please click the banner “Storytelling Tour of Han River with Mentors” on the main page.
    • Questions: sundrake@nate.com
      *The seventh tour with Mentor Noh Ju-seok will be for foreigners and multicultural families who live in Seoul.