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  • Special Tours on Autumn Nights with Beautiful Stories of Hangang (River)

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    The Hangang (River) Storytelling Tour program is part of the “Project to develop and use storytelling for Seoul’s top 5 attractions,” which is being implemented by the city government as a flagship project for this year. The project is part of efforts to highlight anew hidden stories on Hangang (River) riverside parks, which are places familiar to citizens as resting areas, and develop them into tourism resources to turn Hangang (River) into a meaningful tourism hotspot.


    Information of 7th Storytelling Tour

    • Event Time : 16:00~19:00 Oct 26, 2013- Tour : 16:00~17:00 Moonlight Plaza, Seoraeseom, Banpo Fountain- Performance : 17:00~17:30 Acoustic Guitar Performance by Jim Hubbard & Minnie Park (Seoraeseom)Talk and Conversation with Mentor 17:30~19:00 (Scheduled)
    • Event Venue : Hangang Banpo Park
    • Meeting Place : Moonlight Plaza
    • Direction :1. Subway: Take subway line 3, get off at the Express Bus Terminal, and get out via exit 8-1->Go straight toward Banpodaegyo (Bridge) ->Underground Stairs-> Moolight Plaza (Meeting place)2. Bus: Take bus no. 740 or 405, get off at the Floating Island,* Visitors are allowed to participate freely in each event of the respective course

    Theme : The large island of Han River that disappeared with the development of history

    1. The histories of large islands of Han-River like Ttukseom, Jamsildo, Yeouido and Nanjido

    2. The histories of large and small island of Han River that disappeared for the development like Seokdo, Boorido, Jeojado and Seonyudo

    3. Music concert

    4. Talk show : Han River, changed and returned to life alone again

    5. Q&A

    TEL : 070-7703-2575 ( Jung Sugu,Wang Pin Han )

    e-mail : sundrake1@naver.com

    The Hangang (River) Storytelling Tour is a program wherein seven famed mentors of our era serve as storytellers, walk at key places along Hangang (River) in the company of citizens, and tell special episodes and stories to provide participants with an opportunity for mental healing and to be touched emotionally. The tour courses for the respective mentors make for a program designed to develop the areas into Seoul’s storytelling tour courses for Korean and foreign tourists in the future.

    Held during July and August, the summer tours featured the ff., who served as mentors: Prof. Yoon Moo-boo, known as the “authority of birds” who started the storytelling program; Lim Ji-ho, “Vagabond Houseguest”…