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  • Special Programs about Seoul Will Be Aired on Flagship TV Channels in China and Japan

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    Mnet Japan, a leading TV channel presenting hallyu contents, and The Travel Channel, the only channel dedicated to tourism in China, will air special programs that introduce Seoul.

    Japanese participants with the Korean music bands

    “Buzz Korea” will be broadcast in a series of four episodes in Japan at 7 pm every Friday from August 26. In China, a program entitled, “Beautiful City, Smart Life: How to Become a Fashion Star in Seoul” will be broadcast across the country on August 28.

    “Buzz Korea” is Mnet Japan’s entertainment show in which Korean pop culture idols introduce the charms of Korea. In the special show about Seoul, which is to be aired on August 26, young Japanese tourists will visit Seoul in person, and will tour the tourist attractions in the Korean capital together with Korean idol music bands “RaNia” and “Block B”. Also, in conjunction with the airing of “Buzz Korea’s” special edition on Seoul, an event will be offered on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Japanese language website (http://japanese.seoul.go.kr/lh/community/seishun.php) by September 18.

    Those who solve quizzes on “Buzz Korea’s” special edition on Seoul will win giveaways, including name brand sunglasses, cosmetic products, more than 20 units of Seoul City memorabilia, and name tags with “Block B’s” autographs.

    Winners of the event will be announced on September 20 on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Yahoo! Japan blog (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hi_seoul_travel).

    Captured images from The Travel Channel in China

    “Beautiful City, Smart Life,” a popular show of The Travel Channel, which is China’s lone channel dedicated to tourism, will introduce the latest trends in Seoul under the concept of, “How to Become a Fashion Star in Seoul,” on August 28.

    In this program, which will introduce the lifestyle of this elegant city, a famed reporter in China will visit major fashion and shopping hotspots in Seoul, including Myeong-dong, Apgujeong-dong, and Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong. They will showcase in detail the latest of fashion styles, hairstyles, and the skincare methods of hallyu stars, who are highly popular in China, plus they will provide information on healthy foods in Seoul.

    Diverse events will also be offered in conjunction with the special show to be aired in China. These include a quiz event about the show, which will be offered at Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Chinese website (http://chinese.seoul.go.kr/lh/community/quiz/event.php) from August 25 to September 2.

    After watching a quiz presented by the show’s reporter while on air, if viewers give the right answer to the quiz on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Chinese website, up to 10 people will be awarded cosmetic products from a Korean name brand cosmetics company through a lottery drawing. The winners will be announced on the website on September 9.

    Meanwhile, the Government is conducting various events designed to generate interest among Japanese and Chinese nationals via leading TV channels in Seoul as part of its efforts to beef up overseas marketing.