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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Special party for Global Seoul Mates, 2013 Seoul, My [Party]

  • Global Seoul - Mate Notice SMG 2308

    Hello, Global Seoul Mates! How are you?
    We appreciate your hard work and contributions to our community as Global Seoul Mates.
    We have organized a special meeting between our mayor, Park Won-soon, and some of you to show our appreciation for your love of our city and to express our hope that you continue to play an active role in the betterment of the global community in Seoul.
    Since not all of you can participate in the talk with the mayor, we have selected just a few from among the Mates who applied to participate. As your representatives, the Mates will ask the mayor questions about the city of Seoul and share their experiences as Global Seoul Mates with the mayor as well.
    We cordially ask for your interest in the meeting.


    Date: 19:30, Monday, December 23, 2013
    Please visit the following website to see a live broadcast of the meeting:
    http://english.seoul.go.kr (Global Seoul Mates Community, Seoul Metropolitan Government website)