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  • Special Health Care Provided by 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals

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    In 2017, Seoul (Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters) was the first local self-governing body in the nation to begin operating 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals in cooperation with five hospitals, including Seoul Paik Hospital.

    Boramae Medical Center, one of the 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals, is operating the “Psychological Support Center for Seoul Firefighters,” as well as the “Outreach Counseling Service” for the cure of firefighters’ PTSD.

    As a result of the operation of 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals, 3,233 firefighters received treatment at four affiliated hospitals including Seoul Medical Center in 2018, and 8,642 firefighters received treatment at five hospitals in 2019, including the newly affiliated Eupyeong St. Mary’s Hospital.
    Source: Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters

    According to the results of the operation of 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals in 2019, the percentage of patients in each department was 27.6% (2,388) for internal medicine, 24.4% (2,107) for orthopedics, and 5.4% (468) for dermatology, with 342 individuals that used the emergency room.

    Additionally, the Psychological Support Center for Seoul Firefighters dispatched the Outreach Counseling Service for the treatment of 3,460 firefighters’ PTSD (with 4,391 sessions) last year.

    An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters remarked, “The operation of 119 Relief-Affiliated Hospitals will be continued this year. We will offer systematic healthcare for firefighters through the proper treatment of their occupation-related diseases.”