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  • Special Exhibit to Shed Light on the Canadian “Blue-eyed Independence Fighters” of the March First Movement

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1694

    Korean independence fighters were not the only people who fought for the Korean independence movement, foreigners also played a role in the nation’s independence. In light of the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, a special exhibit will shed light on the role of the “Blue-eyed Independence Fighters” who left their countries to offer their support for Korea’s independence and growth.

    Seoul will be holding the Korea’s Independence Movement and Canadians special exhibit from February 23rd (Sat.) to March 31st (Sun.) in the Seoul Citizens Hall City Gallery (floor B1).

    This exhibit commemorates the humanitarianism and dedication of five Canadians who embraced the Korean spirit of independence and contributed to the development of Korea by offering medical services and establishing schools.

    In addition to a photograph of people shouting “Long Live Korean Independence” taken personally by the “Blue-eyed Independence Fighter” Frank W. Schofield, the first foreigner to be buried at the Seoul National Cemetery, this exhibit will feature a total of fifty pieces including photos of the five activists, illustrations, writings, and other images related to their activities.