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  • Special Exhibit on a Family Devoted to the Country’s Independence Held

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    The Seoul Museum of History, together with the Independence Hall of Korea, is holding a special exhibit titled A Road Back Home: A story of Dongnong family on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the country’s liberation from colonial rule.

    The special exhibit will be held between August 13 and October 13 on the first floor of the Seoul Museum of History. It is about a family who sacrificed everything for the country’s liberation.

    Kim Ga-jin (penname: Dongnong) was a minister of Imperial Korea (1897-1910), serving as the president of Daedongdan, an independence movement organization. His daughter-in-law Jeong Jeong-hwa (penname: Sudang) was in charge of financial operations of the Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai. The exhibit introduces how difficult and desperate it was for the independence activists to run the provisional government in a foreign country under the constant threat of Japanese colonists.

    The exhibit will use diverse and rare techniques, employing historical materials, stage play-like feel, sound effects, models, and films.

    The images of the hero and the heroine look as if they are on a stage play and aim at lively communication with the audience. This is the first attempt ever made in a museum.

    There have been many exhibits put up on independence activists as well as the country’s provisional government in Shanghai. Unlike them, however, this exhibit focuses on the perspective of Jeong Jeong-hwa, including how miserably those in the provisional government lived while in exile.

    The exhibit will also tell young people how ordinary people sacrificed for the worthy cause of the independence of their homeland and how greatly we are indebted to them on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the country’s liberation.

    ※ Also displayed: Portraits of Korean independence activists painted by a Russian painter
    These are portraits of 49 Korean independence activists painted by a Russian painter, Professor Sergey Yevgeniv Tokarev, at the request of Kim Dong-im, president of the Dongim Culture Foundation. A realism painter, Mr. Tokarev creates charcoal drawings that look like old, faded photos.