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  • Special Downtown Summer Vacation – Let’s go to Seoul!

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is providing a wide range of programs for the hot summer.
    Forget the heat and enjoy a special summer vacation in Seoul.

    1. Enjoy Hot Summer Days at Namsangol Hanok Village Vacance

    Enjoy Hot Summer Days at Namsangol Hanok Village Vacance

    Namsangol Hanok Village provides Namsangol Vacance from July 19 (Wednesday) to August 31 (Thursday). Enjoy a variety of summer seasonal events in hanok.

    Pil-dong, where Namsangol Hanok Village is situated, is known as a summer vacation spot where Korean ancestors used to stay to avoid the heat of the summer and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape and cool weather. Namsangol Vacance introduces how Korean ancestors enjoyed the summer and provides an interesting new experience to both Koreans and foreign visitors to Namsangol Hanok Village.

    Its signature program is Osu (napping).
    Osu is for those who feel drowsy after eating lunch, tired office workers, and exhausted students. The program involves taking a nap on the cool daecheong maru floor of hanok.
    Participants are provided with summer items that were frequently used by Korean ancestors such as bamboo wives, cool ramie pillows, and blankets.
    Participants can enjoy a foot bath before Osu. During this program, they entrust their cell phones to the staff and enjoy a summer nap in hanoks.

    Hanok Comic Rental Shop provides a wide range of books and comic books.
    In the Hanok Comic Rental Shop, visitors can escape the heat with traditional Korean beverages.

    Recently, napping cafes, coffee naps, and book & comic book cafes are becoming popular. In Namsangol Vacance, visitors can enjoy such items in traditional hanoks during the summer.

    Osu - House of the Yun Clan


    Namsangol Hanok Village Summer Program “Namsangol Vacance”

    1. ○ Period: July 19, 2017 – August 31, 2017 / 11am – 5pm, Wednesday through Saturday
    2. ○ Place: Namsangol Hanok Village
    3. ○ Main programs
      ▸Osu: Take a nap on the cool daecheong maru.
      ▸Hanok Comic Rental Shop: Read a comic book with traditional Korean iced beverages.
    4. ○ Admission: Free admission with fees for some events.
    5. ○ Host: Seoul Metropolitan Government
    6. ○ Sponsor: Juice Come Funny
    7. ○ Inquiry: Website of Namsangol Hanok Village www.hanokmaeul.or.kr +82-2-2261-0517

    Summer Programs

    CategoryProgramPlaceOperation hoursPrice (won)
    Hanbok Trying on HanbokHouse of Yi Seung-eopTuesday – Sunday10:30-17:0010,000
    Summer ExperienceOsuHouse of the Yun ClanWednesday – Saturday11:00-17:003,000
    Hanok Comic Rental ShopHouse of the Min Clan11:00-17:003,000
    Traditional Programs Sagunja (Four Noble Ones)Shrine of Yun Taek-yeongTuesday14:00-16:002,000
    Hangeul CalligraphyWednesday14:00-16:003,000
    Chinese CalligraphyThursday14:00-16:002,000
    Reenactment of Namhakdang SchoolSaturday/Sunday11:00amFree
    Namsangol Night MarketWhat to See/What to Enjoy/What to EatNamsangol Hankok Village Saturday (July-October)17:00-22:00Free

    * The schedule is subject to change.

    2. Enjoy a Variety of Free Programs at Seoul Campgrounds!

    Seoul Family Campgrounds built by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in abolished schools of other cities provide a variety of programs to visitors from 2017.
    Six campgrounds (Hoengseong, Pocheon, Jecheon, Cheorwon, Seocheon, and Hampyeong) provide various eco-friendly family programs such as Purification Plant Pot Making, Grape Jam Making, and Natural Face Mist Making at least once a week from July to October.

    Through these eco-friendly family programs, visitors can make items using ingredients they can easily get in their daily lives, learn how to cook local dishes with local specialties, or enjoy various farm village programs.
    Visitors can learn how to make useful items under the guidance of instructors. Each program takes about one to two hours and all ingredients are provided for free.
    As the space and ingredients are limited, spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Hoengseong Natural Face Mist MakingPocheon Purification Plant Pot MakingJecheon Natural Shampoo Making
    <Hoengseong> Natural Face Mist Making<Pocheon> Purification Plant Pot Making<Jecheon> Natural Shampoo Making
    Cheorwon Cookie ClaySeocheon Colorful Pickles MakingHampyeong Wax Candle Making
    <Cheorwon> Cookie Clay<Seocheon> Colorful Pickles Making<Hampyeong> Wax Candle Making

    In particular, the campgrounds provide the programs two to three times a week even on weekdays during the summer vacation season from July 24 to August 30.

    Since 2013, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been operating family campgrounds in abolished schools of other cities so that citizens can get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of nature.
    All campgrounds are located in beautiful rural areas and a family of four can rent all the necessary camping gear which include a tent, table, and brazier at 25,000 won per night. The campgrounds are very popular and usually fully booked during the summer vacation and weekends.

    Cheorwon Pyeonghwa Village Campground

    Campgrounds have amenities including shower facilities, kitchens, parking lots, cafeterias as well as various attractions such as ping-pong tables, go class, vegetable gardens, enzyme making, and mini zoo/botanical gardens.

    You can book a campsite via the “Seoul Public Service Reservation System” (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr

    Seoul Campgrounds Program Schedule

    CategoryHoengseong Byeolbit Village
    Pocheon Jayeon Village
    Jecheon Haneul Tteure
    Cheorwon Pyeonghwa Village
    Seocheon Geumbit Noeul
    Hampyeong Nabi Village
    Monday-Saturday (7pm-8pm)
    Sunday (9:30am-10:30am)
    July 22 (Saturday)Natural Anti-Mosquito Agent MakingCookie Clay MakingNatural Anti-Mosquito Agent MakingPurification TopiaryStraw Hat DrawingHinoki Cypress Soap Making
    July 23 (Sunday)     Wax Candle Making
    July 24 (Monday)Natural Face Mist Making Natural Face Mist Making  Mask Fancy Wood Making
    July 25 (Tuesday)     Wishing Sotdae Making
    July 26 (Wednesday)Natural Moisturizing Lotion Making Natural Moisturizing Lotion  Leathercraft
    July 27 (Thursday)    WoodcraftTraditional Handicrafts
    July 28 (Friday)Natural Soap Making Natural Soap Making  Hinoki Cypress Soap
    July 29 (Saturday)Natural Pain Relief Patch MakingTraditional Gochujang MakingNatural Pain Relief Patch MakingGrape Jam MakingHand PaintingWax Candle
    July 30 (Sunday)     Mask Fancy Wood
    July 31 (Monday)Natural EM Shampoo Making Natural EM Shampoo  Wishing Sotdae
    August 1 (Tuesday)    Straw Hat DrawingLeathercraft
    August 2 (Wednesday)How to Utilize EM How to Utilize EM  Traditional Handicrafts
    August 3 (Thursday)    Succulent PlantingHinoki Cypress Soap
    August 4 (Friday)Natural Anti-Mosquito Agent Making Natural Anti-Mosquito Agent Making  Wax Candle
    August 5 (Saturday)Natural Moisturizing LotionPurification Topiary MakingNatural Moisturizing LotionRice ClayNatural Handkerchief DyeingMask Fancy Wood
    August 6 (Sunday) Rice Clay Purification Plant Pot Making Wishing Sotdae
    August 7 (Monday)Natural Toothpaste MakingGrape Jam MakingNatural Toothpaste MakingCookie Clay Leathercraft
    August 8 (Tuesday) Purification Topiary Traditional Gochujang MakingWoodcraftTraditional Handicrafts
    August 9 (Wednesday)Pine Cone Freshener MakingCookie ClayPine Cone FreshenerGrape Jam Making Hinoki Cypress Soap
    August 10 (Thursday) Traditional Gochujang Making Purification TopiaryStraw Hat DecorWax Candle
    August 11 (Friday) Purification Plant Pot Rice Clay Mask Fancy Wood
    August 12 (Saturday)Flower Toner MakingGrape Jam MakingFlower TonerCookie ClayHand PaintingWishing Sotdae
    August 13 (Sunday) Purification Topiary Traditional Gochujang Making Leathercraft
    August 14 (Monday)Natural Pain Relief Patch MakingRice Clay MakingNatural Pain Relief Patch MakingPlay with Bugs Traditional Handicrafts
    August 15 (Tuesday)    Wind Chime MakingHinoki Cypress Soap
    August 16 (Wednesday)Natural Toothpaste Making Natural Toothpaste Making  Wax Candle
    August 17 (Thursday)    Natural Handkerchief DyeingMask Fancy Wood
    August 18 (Friday)     Wishing Sotdae
    August 19 (Saturday)Natural Aromatic Candle MakingPlay with BugsNatural Aromatic Candle MakingPurification Plant PotGochujang MakingLeathercraft
    August 20 (Sunday)     Traditional Handicrafts
    August 21 (Monday)     Hinoki Cypress Soap
    August 22 (Tuesday)    Succulent Planting on Clay DollWax Candle
    August 24 (Thursday)    Mosi Songpyeon MakingWishing Sotdae
    August 25 (Friday)     Leathercraft
    August 26 (Saturday)Natural Soap MakingCookie ClayNatural Soap MakingGrape Jam MakingWind Chime MakingTraditional Handicrafts
    August 27 (Sunday)     Hinoki Cypress Soap
    September 2(Saturday)Local Dish CookingWoodcraftLocal Dish CookingRice ClayInjeolmi MakingWax Candle
    September 3 (Sunday)     Mask Fancy Wood
    September 9 (Saturday)Pine Cone FreshenerRice ClayPine Cone FreshenerWoodcraftPressed Flowers Tumbler MakingWishing Sotdae
    September 10 (Sunday)     Leathercraft
    September 16 (Saturday)Local Dish CookingPurification Plant PotLocal Dish CookingPurification TopiaryColorful Pickles MakingTraditional Handicrafts
    September 17 (Sunday)     Hinoki Cypress Soap
    September 23 (Saturday)Natural Face Mist MakingWoodcraftNatural Face Mist MakingPlay with BugsHand PaintingWax Candle
    September 24 (Sunday)     Mask Fancy Wood
    September 30 (Saturday)Natural Dish Sponge MakingPlay with BugsNatural Dish Sponge MakingWoodcraftChestnut RoastingWishing Sotdae
    October 1 (Sunday)     Leathercraft
    October 7 (Saturday)Local Dish Cooking Local Dish Cooking  Traditional Handicrafts
    October  8 (Sunday)     Hinoki Cypress Soap
    October 14 (Saturday)Natural Moisturizing Lotion Natural Moisturizing Lotion  Wax Candle
    October 15 (Sunday)     Mask Fancy Wood
    October 21 (Saturday)Local Dish Cooking Local Dish Cooking  Wishing Sotdae
    October 22 (Sunday)     Leathercraft
    October 28 (Saturday)Natural Lip Moisturizer  Making  Natural Lip Moisturizer  Traditional Handicrafts

    ※ The schedule is subject to change, depending on the weather or other circumstances.

    3. Summer Vacance in Downtown “Seoullo Summer Festival – Seoullo go”

    Seoullo 7017, Korea’s first overpass walkway, has become a new summer vacation spot downtown. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the “2017 Seoullo Summer Festival – Seoullo go” from July 21 (Friday) to 30 (Sunday) in which it provides a wide range of summer events and programs.


    Main programs

    Seoullo go!

    Participants start from Malli-dong Plaza and walk through the overpass, completing several missions relating to plants, facilities, and historical and cultural heritages of Seoullo. Missions such as Take a Picture of the Seoul City Wall, Find a View of Namdaemun Church, and Seoullo Quiz are newly assigned daily. Participants who complete each mission are provided with a Seoullo Plant Badge. The final goal is to collect 10 badges in total.

    Malli-dong Plaza Festival

    ▲ Swimming: Kids can enjoy swimming safely in an above-ground pool. In addition, they can read about 100 books about swimming or play with water guns. You don’t have to get away from the city for your child’s summer vacation.
    ▲ Performances: Folk dance and music performances of various countries such as Hula of Hawaii, Brazilian Performance, Korean Traditional Fusion Band, and Classic Septet are provided on July 21 (Friday), 22 (Saturday), and from 25 (Tuesday) to 29 (Saturday). On the 23rd (Sunday), visitors can enjoy a movie.
    ▲ Others: Solving Box Mazes, Human-sized Jenga, and Building Dominoes

    Pop-up Botanical Book Exhibition:

    Abolished or useless botanical books were made into pop-up books and are put on exhibition for 10 days.

    Marionette Show:

    Marionette show experts present a new marionette show with ball-jointed dolls. You can see this amazing show right in front of the stage at Ivy Theater.
    The free-admission festival is open to all without the need for reservations.


    Program Overview

    1. 1. Project: 2017 Seoullo Summer Festival – Seoullo go
    2. 2. Period: July 21, 2017 (Friday) – July 30, 2017 (Sunday) (for 10 days)
    3. 3. Place: Seoullo
      ※ Refer to the table below for further information.
    4. 4. Programs
      Program Place Date Weekdays/WeekendsTime
      Seoullo go!SeoulloJuly 21 – 30Weekdays18:00-20:00
      Botanical Book PlaygroundRose StageJuly 21 – 30Weekdays17:00-20:00
      Rose StageWeekends16:00-21:00
      Various PlaygroundsMalli-dong PlazaJuly 21 – 30Weekdays17:00-20:00
      Pungdeong ReadingJuly 21 – 30Weekdays17:00-20:00
      Modu NoljangJuly 22 / July 29 16:00-21:00
      Malli-dong StageJuly 21 – 22
      July 25 – 29
      From 19:30
      Stay Cool! Summer FestivalJuly 23From 20:00
      Midsummer Marionette ShowIvy Theater(Exhibition) July 21 – 30
      (Performance) July 28 – 3018:00