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  • Special Concert Line-up of Platform Changdong 61 for the Second Half of 2019

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 2130

    Platform Changdong 61, a cultural complex in the northeastern part of Seoul, has announced the line-up of special concerts for the second half of 2019. “Changdong Akgamu(樂 歌 舞 Music, Song, Dance)” concert will feature Kim Duk Soo X Ensemble SINAWI, Lee Bong-geun X Park Beom-tae X Andy Kim, and Black String, while “Friday Night Live (FNL)” concert will stage performances by SUMIN, Jclef, and nov.

    In October, Platform Changdong 61 will be hosting a reggae festa. Special concerts in the second half of this year will boast the most spectacular line-up of all time, arousing high expectations from prospective visitors.

    Platform Chandong 61 has been offering high-quality musical content in an effort to introduce a wide range of music by hosting Changdong Akgamu, a concert held in order to present various genres of music, including gugak (Korean traditional music), and FNL, a concert held in order to stage indie and popular music. Changdong Akgamu takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at the Redbox of Platform Changdong 61, staging various genres and performances, including gugak, jazz, world music, focus stage, instrumental, vocal, and dance. FNL, or “Friday Night Live,” has been presenting various concepts of special performances with trendy musicians on Friday nights.

    Changdong Akgamu, a concert famous for its experimental and challenging but highly capable stage, has presented performances of various genres by top artists. In the second half of 2019, Changdong Akgamu will invite Kim Duk Soo X Ensemble SINAWI (September), Lee Bong-geun X Park Beom-tae X Andy Kim (October), and Black String (November).

    The announcement of the line-up for the second half of 2019 of FNL, a relay concert on Friday nights held to introduce various genres of music oscillating between indie and popular music, has drawn a lot of attention from the prospective visitors. With the concept of female musicians representing folk/ballad, reggae, and R&B, the three stages of FNL will invite SUMIN, Jclef, and nov, musicians with trendy sensibility.

    On August 8, the package ticket will be open for purchase to allow the audience to buy tickets for Changdong Akgamu and FNL at reduced prices. The prices of Akgamu Sept.-Nov. Package and the FNL Sept.-Nov. Package, with which visitors can enjoy each program from September to November, will be offered at a 30% discount at KRW 20,000 and KRW 40,000, respectively.

    For information on various concerts, exhibitions, and classes held at Platform Changdong 61 can be found at http://www.platform61.kr.