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[2013] Mayor’s Speech

  • A Space for the Youth, by the Youth, and of the Youth

  • [2013] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2300

    Joint Opening Ceremony for the Youth Job Hub Center and Social Economy Support Center

    Date: April 11, 2013
    Venue: Youth Job Hub Center and Social Economy Support Center

    Today, we are participating in a very significant event that will brighten and strengthen the future of Seoul.

    First of all, I offer my sincere congratulations on the opening of the Youth Job Hub Center and the Social Economy Support Center. I hope these centers become exciting, fun workplaces for youth, as well as for those who work at social enterprises and cooperatives.

    Today, we are gathered together in a place where the future of Seoul will be created. The jobs we provide for our youth decide the future of Seoul. Where and how our young citizens work toward achieving their dreams will determine the future of our society in 10 or 20 years’ time.

    The same applies to the social economy. We are currently living in an era where the growth of companies no longer translates to the development of our society. Now, we want to develop and share the benefits gained through the process with others. We truly want to achieve shared growth, which is now the face of our economy.

    In particular, the Youth Job Hub Center was created after listening to the “desperate voices” of youngsters during the listening policy workshop, which was held in December 2011. In response to their requests, this center will become a space for the youth, by the youth, and of the youth. Especially, by establishing the “Zero Gravity Zone,” where youngsters can eat, sleep, and work, I genuinely hope our youth discover their dreams and realize them.

    The Social Economy Support Center will be managed in a similar manner, but in order to create an ecosystem for social economy, which is now in its infant stage, active participation from various civic groups is needed. The Social Economy Support Center will promote citizen participation and forge close alliances with several entities involved in social economy, laying the foundation to become a hub of Seoul’s social economy.

    I think it is a very promising sign for Eunpyeong-gu that such meaningful institutions have opened here simultaneously. I am sure that these newly established institutions will serve as a powerful growth engine and reinvigorate the economy of Seoul. I hope Eunpyeong-gu and Seoul continue to make progress in laying the foundation for innovation and experimentation through the launch of these two centers in Seoul.

    Above all, I sincerely hope the centers become magnets that encourage all of you to come and have fun while working. The next time I drop by, I would certainly like to hear loud laughter long before I get to the door. That would be a strong indicator of the success of Seoul’s youth employment and social economy efforts, and ultimately decide the future of Seoul.

    Thank you.