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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • A space where time stands still, “Seonyudo Park”

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 3830

    Halfway across Yanghwadaegyo Bridge, which connects Hapjeong-dong and Dangsan-dong, there is a park floating on the river like a huge ship. Once the site of a water purification plant that supplied drinking water to the southwestern district of Seoul, when it was closed, the plant was reborn as Seonyudo Park, an ecological space on the Hangang River, using some of the old plant structures. By recycling industrial
    facilities that have become obsolete, the history of this once famous spot on the Hangang River has been revived, and thus people call the Seonyudo Park as the “resurrection of the past.” The park fully utilizes the old structures of the water purification plant and features four thematic parks connected through a water circulation system and botanical garden. After eight months of design work and one and half years of construction, the small island that is home to Seonyubong Peak was transformed into an eco-friendly urban park. Through the industrialization and urbanization of Seoul, numerous industrial facilities have come to sprawl across the city, but as Korea’s electronics industry has grown, they become obsolete and have been, or are about to be, demolished.

    However, through an agreement between citizens and specialists, the Seonyu Water Purification Plant was reborn as an urban park, a remarkable event that saw the city regain a once famous attraction on the Hangang River.