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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • Space for Persistent Challenges, where Young People can Extend their Dreams Worldwide

  • SMG 1020

    At the opening ceremony of G Valley

    Date: 1/29/2015

    Venue: Urim Lions Valley, Gasan Digital Complex #2, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

    Young business employees, Rep. Park Yeong-seon, Guro-Gu Office Head Lee Seong, Geumcheon-Gu Head Cha Seong-su, Councilors O Bong-su, Seo Yun-gi, and LEE Sin-hye of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Chair Park Dong-il of the G Valley Development Council. Mr. Gang Min-chae of G2INET, and other guests,

    Thank you for attending this ceremony despite your busy schedules.

    Today, we are gathered here at the opening ceremony for G Valley, where 160,000 people work at 11,000 businesses, the majority of whom are young people. G Valley will operate in an atmosphere for free imagination, mutual cooperation, and growth. It is good to see the opening of G Valley, a “zero-gravity” zone for young people, following the opening of the Business Citizens’ Hall in Gasan Digital Complex #2 last year.

    In May 2013, I ran the Onsite Mayor’s Office in G Valley. I have done what I can to have the wishes expressed by young people and businesses at that time reflected in this no-gravity zone. They told me that they wanted to have a space where they could spend time together with those engaging in other types of business, take a rest during night work, and have a warm snack. We accommodated their wishes. In addition, we considered the following factors: the creation of a place where they can learn things that will help enhance their standing, they can set up a future plan in cooperation with others, and they can have fun, feeling the composure of mind, building their imagination and creativity.

    G Valley is a place where you can find plenty of people to work with, like subsidiaries of the KICOX and the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the HowtoBiz Center, the Fashion Center, the Culture Center run by the SMG, and offices for industry-academic cooperation, among others.

    I would like young people to create new business opportunities by utilizing the human and material resources available here, play a leading role in invigoration of the local economy, and extend their dreams to their heart’s content. I also would like those here today to provide unsparing support for young people so that they may use the limitless information available here to find jobs suited to their skills. We at the SMG will do our best. Thank you.