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  • Sound Booming in Itaewon

  • Issue / Project SMG 2460

    Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
    Hi guys,
    Today, I am coming here to watch the 2017 Global Village Festival.
    I’m really excited and can’t wait to check it out,
    So, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will.
    Thank you.

    Oh wow!
    Korean martial arts
    My dad did Korean martial arts when I was younger,
    so because of him, I’m here now.
    So it’s kind of nice to see it.

    So, the Itaewon Global Village Festival is an annual festival held in Itaewon,
    and nowadays, the ratio for foreigners are increasing in Itaewon,
    so the good thing is that you can see various cultures and see people from various countries in that area,
    and nowadays, there are a lot more restaurants opening up with various different kinds of foods,
    and there are a lot cafes and a lot of pubs and places where you can hang out at night, and enjoy the time and atmosphere.
    It’d be nice, but I love this festival, it’s really nice.

    Oh, there are American soldiers.
    “And the saints come marching in…”
    “..be in that number, oh when the saints go marching in…”
    They teach you this song back in grammar school.

    Well, today, there are so many people from other countries and
    I see a lot of different delicious foods from other countries,
    so I’m really excited,
    but I see an American flag and I think there is a burger calling my name.
    So I’m just going to go ahead and eat the burger instead.

    Hi, can I have the egg and avocado toast?
    Oh my gosh!
    Pepper, avocado, egg.
    Thank you!

    In America, people usually eat this, maybe for breakfast.
    If they want to eat light, usually some people in America are really concerned about their health nowadays,
    Oh, this is actually good!
    Avocadoes make me happy!

    It’s a really special thing here in Itaewon, because a lot of Koreans come to the area to kind of experience some different things, different cultures, different foods,
    so if you have a chance to visit Seoul, please come by Itaewon.