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  • Soprano Sumi Jo Becomes Honorary Ambassador of Seoul

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    Soprano Sumi Jo was appointed as an honorary ambassador of Seoul. The appointment was offered after she starred as the main model in a 2019 international promotional video for Seoul.

    The appointment ceremony took place at 11 a.m. on November 4 (Mon.), 2019 at Seoul City Hall. Sumi Jo received an appointment plaque from the Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, kicking off a promotion activity for the city of Seoul. She remarked at the event, “I have been thinking that I might have something to offer Seoul, the hometown in my heart, because I often become involved in work overseas. I will do my best to promote Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, as I work around the globe.”

    The global promotional video in which Sumi Jo appears will be used as a video representing the city of Seoul for major events in which the city is involved, both at home and abroad, on the city’s official website, in foreign languages, and on SNS.

    An honorary ambassador of Seoul conducts themselves according to the vision “people who love Seoul and who talk about Seoul.” Following the appointment of Sumi Jo, the number of honorary ambassadors for Seoul reached 39, and they are experts of various fields, including broadcasting, architecture, culture, and the arts. They are all doing their best to promote Seoul and its civil administration.

    Park Won-soon said “I am glad to appoint Sumi Jo, a world-class soprano, as an honorary ambassador of Seoul. I hope she promotes Seoul as a global city as that she works abroad a lot.”

    □ Profile of the Appointee

    < Major Career >

    • Name: Sumi Jo / Singer (Soprano)
    • Date of Birth: November 22, 1962
    • Career: Graduated from Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia in 1986
      Debuted to the global stage with her role of Gilda in Rigoletto in 1986
      An honorary ambassador for the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2017
    • Awards: Puccini Award in 2008
      Golden Swallow Prize in 1993

    □ Overview of the Video

    • Title: Global Promotional Video of Seoul
    • Theme: Seoul, A City in which You Want to Stay, Live, and Invest
    • Model: Soprano Sumi Jo
    • Running time: 3 m 16 s (main video), 30 s (teaser)
    • Languages: Korean, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Japanese
    • Use: For screening at international events and posting on SNS including Facebook and YouTube
    • Narrative:
      • – Introduction of a variety of Seoul’s colorful charms through the juxtaposition images of Sumi Jo, who is visiting Seoul for a concert, and ordinary people living in Seoul
      < Main stills from the video >
      < Main stills from the video >