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  • Songpa-gu Holds the UNEP-recognized LivCom Awards

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    The LivCom Awards, recognized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the most prestigious program in the environmental field in the world, will be held at Songpa-gu, Seoul City from October 27 to 31, 2011.

    Hosting the LivCom Awards in Songpa-guThe LivCom Awards are presented to cities that have recorded innovative achievements in terms of eco-friendly policy and made concerted efforts to create habitable communities, and ultimately to cities that contribute to the protection of the global environment. The 2011 LivCom Awards in Songpa-gu will bring together more than 400 cities for the preliminary round of the competition to be held through June, while 60 to 70 cities will take part in the main event in late October.

    The LivCom Awards, the world’s only ‘city competition’ recognized by UNEP, focuses on the construction of local communities with a good living environment based on efficient environmental management. The goal of the awards is to discover and spread the best practices in promoting a vibrant urban life style and in creating an environmentally sustainable living environment.

    In order to successfully host this international event, Songpa-gu plans to organize diverse supplementary and other related events, and raise its urban environment to the next level.

    Academic conferences, exhibitions, culture and experience-focused events and eco-tours will feature among the related events.

    By successfully hosting world-class events as well as the LivCom Awards, Songpa-gu aims to further elevate the level of its urban green competitiveness.