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  • Songcheondong Public child care center Project

  • Evaluation ResultUrban admin 6315

    ○ Outcome of Design Evaluation

    ✓Project Outline
    Project NameSongcheondong Public child care center Project
    Ordering InstitutionArchitecture Planning Division, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul (+82-2-901-6907, hoyojo@gangbuk.go.kr)
    Land Location61, Samyang-ro 54ma-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul (second-class ordinary residential area)
    Land Area248.3 ㎡Architecture Size0/3F, Floor area (300㎡)
    Design Cost37,975(Unit: ₩1,000)
    ✓Outline to Design Entry
    Entry MethodDesignated (i.e. Invited) Entry
    Entry StateEntry application: 6 case, Accepted entry: 6 case
    ✓Ways of Evaluation
    Date15:00 (Wed), 2015. 7. 8
    Name (Occupation)Kwon, Chang Joo (Tomoon Architect Office)
    Kang, In Chul (Ga.a Architect Office)
    Kim, Hong Il (Dongguk. university)
    Lee, Jin Wook ( Lee Jin Wook Architect Office)
    Ha, Sang Ho (Cn design Architect Office )
    Name (Occupation)
    ✓Evaluation Outcome
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Selected WorkEveryArchitect Architect OfficeKang, Jeoung EunRight of Contract
    Aerial View, etc  당선작 배치도(송천동)
    Judge for Prized Work
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Excellence PrizeKioskpop Architect OfficeSeo, Sang Ha12,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    Aerial View, etc    우수작 배치도(송천동)
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Aerial View, etc