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  • Sogong Underground Shopping Center Smartens Up with Five IoT Technologies

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    Sogong Underground Shopping Center, Jung-gu, Seoul, which connects Seoul City Hall to Myeong-dong, has become smart with various IoT technologies of domestic start-ups.

    Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation turned the Sogong Underground Shopping Center into “a smart underground shopping center” based on five fourth-industrial-revolution-related IoT technologies to enhance the safety and convenience of the citizens. The Corporation is planning to apply the system to other underground shopping centers after monitoring the management of the first example.

    First, the Emergency Evacuation System helps provide assistance in the event of a fire breaking out in the shopping center, triggering the detection of smoke from the sensor, followed by the outbreak of fire being informed to the crisis center, and the center providing instruction to the public on the proper escape route. Also, the arrow emergency lightings were installed at the entrances and passages to help visitors easily find the exits even in the dark.

    Second, the Crime Prevention System installed in three women’s restrooms incorporate an Emergency Call System for a one-touch phone connection with crisis center personnel in case of an emergency, as well as an Emergency Bell in each stall.

    Third, the Smart Farm, a greenhouse plant cultivator that absorbs the stale underground air to provide purified air, was installed at five locations in the Shopping Center and promotes an optimum environment regarding temperature, humidity, and watering to be set while the process of plant growth can be monitored through an app.

    Fourth, the Floating Population Measuring System was installed on the ceiling near the entrance to measure and analyze the floating population, as well as their number, path, retention time, and concentration rate. The collected big data can be used for the revitalization of the Shopping Center, as well as for the promotion of public safety.

    Fifth, the Total Information System was established at three spots to facilitate the searching of over 150 stores, what items they sell, the entrances, convenience facilities, and nearby tourist attractions in Myeong-dong. Four languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese, are available for foreign tourists.

    ※ IoT Smart Farm for Air Purification

    ※ Emergency Call System in Women’s Restroom