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  • Social Media City Seoul: Innovating communication culture to focus on mobile and SNS

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government is kicking off the “Social Media City Seoul” project, through which the city aims to connect all 10 million citizens of Seoul, including the general public, government officials, and experts, by innovating the city’s communication culture to place more emphasis on mobile and SNS technologies rather than home-based Internet. The main goal of this project is to fully utilize social media as an administrative tool for public communications, which is an unprecedented move among local governments in Korea. It also seeks to expand citizen participation in the city’s administration and strengthen public-private cooperation using social media.

    From now, in the event of a disaster or safety-related emergency, for example, Seoul City will immediately disseminate messages using the “Seoul Official SNS,” signifying the official inclusion of such communication means in the existing initial response manual for natural disasters and emergency situations.

    In addition, the official letterhead of Seoul City and employee business cards will also include the SNS account of the respective department. To this end, Seoul Metropolitan Government will prepare a social media guideline regarding basic principles on the use of SNS for public communication and conduct regular training sessions for all employees.

    In addition, the city will support efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of small businesses and social enterprises using social media. To help small businesses and enterprises enhance their PR capabilities, Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer free training on “how to utilize mobile technology and social media for PR and communications.”

    This project is part of Seoul’s blueprint for its mid- to long-term communications strategy, which extends until 2017 and includes a total of 10 specific tasks related to three major policy goals. These goals are: establish and strengthen a social media-centered administrative system, create a social cooperative network with citizens, and help citizens improve their quality of life through the use of social media.