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  • SMG’s Policy for Youth Employment : Report for SMG Monitoring for the first half of 2017.

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    • The SMG’s policy efforts to address and mitigate the youth unemployment problem also include the New Deal Job Placement Program for Youth, which helps young people gain relevant career and job experiences; a program matching young job seekers with small and prospective businesses; various services offering urgently needed assistance for young job seekers, such as free business suit rentals for job interviews; education and training programs designed to enhance job-related skills and competencies; and support services for young entrepreneurs.The 2016 Seoul Master Plan for Youth Employment, which underpins this campaign, aims to establish up to 300 Seoul Job Cafés, provide 10,000 new jobs for young people at small and prospective local businesses, create more jobs by expanding public welfare services, make more information available on the Internet and via mobile platforms, expand the reach of the Center for the Protection of Young Part-Time Workers’ Rights, and maintain the Great Job March Campaign all year round.