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  • The SMG to Widen Neighborhood Sidewalks

  • Urban Planning News SMG 4130

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is adopting a “road diet” project to widen neighborhood sidewalks to create more pleasant and safer pedestrian paths.

    The road diet is being adopted to realize the goal of Seoul, A City for Walkers. The SMG has made the efforts in downtown and on the outskirts of downtown, and is now expanding it to neighborhood areas (10 areas to start, and 20 areas by the yearend).

    Before and After Road Diet

    Design and contractual work for the project will be carried out by autonomous district offices, which will listen to the opinions of locals and submit the results of their deliberation on transportation safety facilities with local situations taken into account to the SMG.

    The SMG is pushing forward with one detailed program after another to realize the goal of Seoul, A City for Walkers. The Road Diet is one of these programs.

    For inquiries, please call the Pedestrian and Bicycle Department (☎ 02-2133-2417).