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  • SMG Supports Stagnant Art World and Transforms Corners of Seoul into Art Museums

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    The impact of the prolonged COVID-19 crisis is affecting the economy; art museums have been closing their doors in addition to art exhibitions and events being canceled or postponed, and artists are losing opportunities for creative activity and experiencing a difficult time.
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will partner up with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for its nationwide Public Art Project to promote the “COVID-19 Seoul Public Art Project,” which will realize various public art projects, such as art installations, creation of cultural spaces, street art, media exhibits and small-scale communal projects at 25 to 50 locations throughout Seoul.
    This large-scale project is an investment of KRW 13 billion by the national government and the SMG that will support the creative activities of artists and revitalize stagnant art circles while simultaneously expanding opportunities for cultural enjoyment by citizens in open spaces.
    While being pursued in connection with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Public Art Project, the SMG transformed the city’s public art project with additional touches of its exclusive plan to secure top artworks for unique programs.

    ※ The “Neighborhood Art” Public Art Project by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    □ Goal: Create jobs for artists and promote local residents’ cultural enjoyment
    □ Overview: A public art project with participation by 8,500 artists held simultaneously throughout the 228 autonomous districts nationwide
    □ Budget: KRW 94.8 billion (national-to-regional ratio of 8:2)

    As the first step of the project, the SMG will select 1,500 proposals through judging by experts and select 300 final works. In the second step, 100 works will be selected through judging by citizens and experts, and lastly, 25 to 50 excellent works (teams) will be carefully selected for display at the designated venues starting at the end of the year.
    Consultations by experts in each field will be offered in the process of developing work proposals. Most optimal venues and operational methods will be achieved through close cooperation between the city, autonomous districts and artists. Participating artists will receive from KRW 1 to 5 million in support for their proposals by stage, and finalists will be given the opportunity to participate in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s KRW 400 million project. The entire process of work selection will be disclosed to the public through various media.
    Submissions will be received online from Sep. 4–28. Applying artists can freely submit their ideas for the exhibition venue or make submissions based on the locations suggested by the autonomous districts. Applications for installed works, such as paintings, sculptures and media art, will be accepted in addition to intangible art programs like small-scale communal activities.
    More information on the public application and the results of each stage can be found on the project website (http://www.covid-19-seoul-publicart-project.com).