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  • SMG to Support the Remodeling of Old Apartments

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2965

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the Basic Plan for Remodeling Apartments 2025 under the new concept of Seoul-Type Remodeling.

    Under the concept of Seoul-Type Remodeling, public support is provided for the remodeling of apartments, and the parking lots and ancillary facilities of the rennovated buildings are available to the local community, which leads to the expansion of the public space.

    Under the concept, the SMG will enhance the sustainability of residences, particularly for apartments more than 15 years old, through public financial support associated with the work and relevant expert consulting.

    Now, let’s look at how Seoul-Type Remodeling is carried out.

    ① Remodeling for an increase in the number of households through horizontal or vertical extension
    Extensions will be allowed for up to two floors for apartments with 14 stories or less, and for up to three floors for apartments with 15 stories or more.

    ② Customized remodeling for a low-expense improved residential environment
    A total of 1,870 apartment complexes in Seoul are thought to fall under this category.

    It is expected that the project will kill two birds (local regeneration and community building) with one stone. The SMG will provide administrative support for the project, including the launch of a support center, which will provide relevant information and consulting for initial project-related analyses.

    The SMG will also provide financial support so as to continue to carry out the Seoul-Type Remodeling project. It also plans to push forward with related pilot projects for apartment complexes in the north of the Hangang River whose remodeling plans have so far stalled.