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  • SMG Set to Implement Measures against Summer Disasters and Safety Accidents

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 2960

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the 2016 Measures against Summer Disasters and Safety Accidents, in an effort to reduce the damage caused by natural disasters and prevent epidemics.

    The SMG will begin by increasing the number of locations used for monitoring precipitation (to a total of 116 spots in the 25 autonomous districts) and improve the monitoring system (including real-time diffusion of action guidelines for citizens through online media in a crisis situation).

    To prevent infectious diseases, the SMG will strengthen the monitoring system against acute epidemics, using 1,542 hospitals and pharmacies as monitors of disease-related information.

    The SMG will also step up efforts to keep resort facilities safe, including safety checkups of the 74 resorts and performance locations in the city based on the relevant manual, in collaboration with autonomous district offices and local fire stations.

    The summer-related measures announced by the SMG include details concerning the following areas:
    ① flood, ② safety, ③ health/hygiene, and ④ summer heat.

    ① Flood: Customized anti-disaster measures for flood vulnerable areas, including prompt steps to effectively manage the situation and take preemptive measures
    ② Safety: Safety checkup of worksites, disaster-prone facilities, and recreation facilities
    ③ Health/hygiene: Hygiene checkups for the prevention of infectious diseases, monitoring the occurrence of green tide in streams
    ④ Summer heat: Operation of a task force and provision of resting places