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  • SMG Provides Free Medical Checkup for Single Parents

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    According to the 2015 Survey on Single Parents conducted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, the health of single parents was disproportionately poor, and 20.8% of single parents said they could not afford going to the hospital. Financial difficulties were a recurring reason given for the lack of health care services, indicating the pressing need for the expansion of health care services.

    In an effort to improve the health of single mothers, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) began providing free gynecologic medical checkups for low-income single mothers. The Seoul Single Parent Family Support Center signed an agreement with gynecology and professional clinical pathology organizations in September 2015, and as of end of June 2016, a total of 95 single mothers have received health care services.

    The health care services are provided to low-income single mothers with a standard income of 70% or less, and the single mothers can benefit from medical checkups (about 225,000 won) and loop procedures (about 350,000 won) if necessary. For application or other inquiries, please contact the Seoul Single Parent Family Support Center (☎02-861-3020).

    Family Officer of the SMG Kim Myung-joo said, “Protecting the health of single mothers, who have no choice but to go to work even though they have health issues, and hesitate to consult a doctor because they are afraid of medical bills, means protecting the rights of a family to live a happy life.” Kim added, “We hope to provide single mothers with an opportunity to take care of themselves through this project, and hope it will lead to the happiness and health of all family members.”