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  • Seoul Operates 140 Spring Events and Programs

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    spring event

    During the spring of 2017, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will operate various leisure and culture activities in 20 parks so that citizens may experience nature in the city.

    spring event

    <Boramae Park, Seoul Forest, World Cup Park, etc.>

    The following family events will be held in various locations in celebration of Dano and Children’s Day.

    Name of Park Name of Event/Program Time For Capacity Contact
    Gildong Ecological Park Seasonal Customs (Dano event) April/May (Sat) Children 30 2181-1184
    Firefly Festival June (Sat) All 2181-1182
    Namsan Park Namsan Seokhojeong Archery Festival Scheduled for May 27 (Sat) All 500 3783-5995
    Boramae Park Boramae Park Children’s Festival May 5 (Fri) All 2181-1182
    Seoul Forest Seoul Forest Green Contents Idea Contest March-June (Weekends) All 460-2926
    Seoul Forest Flower Festival April 21 (Fri)-23 (Sun) All 460-2925
    Seoul Forest Youth Relay May 20 (Sat) All 460-2926
    Seoul Forest Paper Toy Exhibition May 3 (Wed)-7 (Sun) Children 460-2926
    Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Citizen’s Forest Musical Picnic (Spring) May-June (Sat) All 2181-1182
    Children’s Grand Park Children’s Day Festival May (Weekends) All 450-9310
    Spring Flower Festival April (Weekends) All 450-9310
    World Cup Park Children’s Day Event May 5 (Fri) All 300-5542
    Waterside Concert May-June All 300-5542
    Cheonho Park The 6th Cheonho Park Azalea Festival April-May (Scheduled) All 2181-1182

    <Boramae Park, Gildong Ecological Park, World Cup Park>

    Boramae Park, Gildong Ecological Park, World Cup Park

    Name of Park Name of Event Time For Capacity Contact
    Gildong Ecological Park Korean Honeybee-keeping April-June (Sat) Children 30 2181-1184
    Boramae Park Children’s Honeybee School April-June (Sun) Children 20 2181-1166-7
    World Cup Park Honeybee-keeping Program April-June (Sat) All 40 300-5580

    <Pureun Arboretum, Seoul Forest, World Cup Park>

    Gardening programs are operated at Pureun Arboretum and other venues during spring and early summer.

    Name of Park Name of Event Time For Capacity Contact
    Seoul Forest Seoul Forest Gardening School March-June (Tues) Adults 30 460-2931
    World Cup Park "Park Gardener" at Community Garden April-June Adults 20 300-5574
    Pureun Arboretum Indoor Gardening March-June (Thurs) Adults 15 2686-3203
    Urban Gardener Training Program March (Wed) All 40 2686-3203
    Gardening Expedition March (Tues/Thurs) Adults 10 2686-3203
    Theme Garden Plant Management May-June (Wed) Adults 15 2686-3203
    Management of Plant Environment June (Wed) Adults 15 2686-3203

    <Gildong Ecological Park, Namsan Park, World Cup Park, etc.>

    Gildong Ecological Park, Namsan Park, World Cup Park, etc.

    Name of Park Name of Event Time For Capacity Contact
    Gildong Ecological Park Sunday Family Outing March-June (Sun) Families 30 2181-1184
    Experiencing Nature with Dad March-June (Sat) Families 20 2181-1184
    Boramae Park Family Walk in the Park March (Sat) Families 15 2181-1182
    Dream Forest Running Man in Dream Forest March-June (Sun) Families 40 2289-4015
    Seoul Iris Garden Play with Family March-June (Sun) Families 40 2289-4015
    World Cup Park Ecological Games with Family March-June (Sat) Babies/Families 20 300-5574

    Learn more about each program and apply through either the website for mountains and parks in Seoul (http://parks.seoul.go.kr) or the Seoul Public Service Reservation website (http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr). Please check in advance to find out if the program involves a fee.