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  • The SMG to Open Elevated Path for Pedestrians

  • Urban Planning News SMG 6553

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will open an elevated path, which used to be a vehicle path, near Seoul Station to pedestrians as part of the Seoul Station 7017 Project by April 2017. The work linking the path to two nearby large-sized buildings (the Daewoo Foundation Bldg. and the Hotel Manu) will begin next month. The new pedestrian path will lead to Namsan Park and Namdaemun Market.

    The Daewoo Foundation and the Hotel Manu plan to provide convenience facilities like cafes, restaurants, pubs, and restrooms for visitors.

    Officials at the SMG expect that the new pedestrian path will go a long way towards invigorating nearby commercial establishments, as an increased number of visitors will spend more time at the convenience facilities and well-known places in the neighborhood. They are discussing the construction of bridges that will link the pedestrian path with three other large nearby buildings.