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  • SMG Official website is WONDERFUL : SMG Monitoring Activity for the first half of 2017

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    In my opinion, SMG web is playing an significant role by providing free, frank and fearless information to its viewers. A bold presentation of the right news, views, information and reports help in the formation of healthy public opinion. The truthful and objective reporting strengthens the bond among people. A lot of thanks to SMG administration , for website does not indulge in Yellow Journalism. I never find baseless scoops and biased news on the website pages. It does not add to the communal feelings which lead to hatred among communities causing religious riots. It is growing the feeling of brotherhood, love and sharing. The website of SMG has helped in developing my communication skill. You may be the mine of knowledge, but until and unless you show it by way of presenting your thoughts , you are a failure. Thank you SMG by your constant efforts now millions internet users are get connected to online reading and watching to the website and facebook page. I am very thankful to SMG web that it has inspired me to take things in a positive way. It has brought a good and positive change in my character, my attitude, my behavior , my views and my outlook .