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  • SMG–ME–SMOE to Build “Eco School” on Closed School Premises for Environmental Education and Experience Programs

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), the Ministry of Environment (ME) and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) entered into an agreement to jointly establish an environmental education infrastructure with the goal of climate crisis response and preparing for a sustainable future.

    The SMG, ME and SMOE will build “Eco School,” an environmental education facility offering climate and environment-related experience programs, on the site of Gongjin Middle School in Gangseo-gu, which was closed down in March last year. This will be the first metropolitan-unit environmental education facility to be built in Seoul. The completion of this facility is scheduled for September 2024.

    Eco School will be established as an educational, cultural, and recreational space as well as an environmental education and experience center where not only children and teenagers, but also Seoul citizens of all generations can learn about environment through experience.

    In addition to educational facilities, such as an exhibition room and classrooms inside the building, Eco School will provide an ecological environment comprising of a greenhouse, a vegetable garden, forest, cultivation fields, and a pond established on the playground and rooftop areas.

    According to the agreement, the three organizations will remodel the existing Gongjin Middle School building into a zero-energy building to keep the energy load and energy consumption to a minimum, and thus propose a carbon neutral model for school buildings.

    Eco School
    ▲ Gongjin Middle School
    ▲ Bird’s-eye view (CAD drawing)