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  • SMG Makes Documentary Introducing Cases of Its Export of Effective Policies

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    Large cities in developing countries are using the effective administrative policies of Seoul as benchmarks and striving to learn from its experiences in connection with their efforts to solve urban problems like water shortages, traffic congestion, and environmental pollution. Seeing such efforts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, jointly with Arirang TV, made a special documentary film that introduces specific cases of sharing its effective policies for solving urbanization problems with developing countries.

    At present, the SMG is pushing forward with a program to share its effective policies with cities in foreign countries and to provide support for Korean businesses looking for opportunities to make forays into foreign markets. By the end of November 2016, the city has signed agreements with 35 cities in 25 countries to share a total of 42 policies.

    One leading example of such a case is Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia. Ulan Bator solved its problems by adopting the e-payment service and the Bus Management System (BMS) from Seoul in 2015. Two thousand-plus buses operating in Ulan Bator are now equipped with the smart traffic card reader. The percentage of people using the new system has increased to 65% over the past year, and people have expressed their satisfaction with the mitigated traffic congestion thanks to the help of the new system.

    The Korean-style transportation system has also been adopted in Bogota, the capital city of Columbia. In 2011, LG CNS finished the installation of the Fleet Management System (FMS) and the Automated Fare Collection System (AFC) for the city in 2015. The smart traffic card reader has been installed in seven thousand-plus buses operating in Bogota, one hundred twenty-plus BRTs (Bus Rapid Transits), and all bus stops under the newly established single transit system.

    The aforementioned documentary film introducing the SMG’s export of effective administrative policies like these will be aired in more than 100 countries.