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  • SMG Learns from Lowline on Underground Space Utilization

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    Mayor Park Won-soon paid a visit to a site in New York known for urban regeneration through the use of idle underground spaces to benchmark how New York did achieve urban regeneration. The mayor visited in hopes of improving the SMG’s projects such as the ‘Seoul Station 7017 Project’ and the ‘Dasiseun Project’ for regeneration of the sites left over from the industrialization period.

    During his recent visit to the United States and Canada, Mr. Park Won-soon paid an inspection visit on Sept. 5 to Lowline Lab of New York, slated to be opened to the public in 2021. Lowline (2012-2021) is a project for the formation of the world’s first underground park by renovating the past tramcar terminal (sized 4,046㎡), which has been left idle since 1948. The project provides a valuable lesson for the SMG regarding its own plans for urban regeneration through utilization of downtown infrastructure, governance, environmentally-friendliness, local development, and other related areas.

    In particular, the SMG is paying attention to the possibility of the creation of jobs for young people offered by New York’s project through the participation of young people, including local high school students in the initial planning stage, and promotion of the project through governance in the private sector. The SMG is considering benchmarking the cases of creative urban generation in foreign countries, like Lowline, and is studying ways for the utilization of downtown infrastructure facilities left idle.