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  • SMG to Install Three-color Bus Traffic Lights at Intersections

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will install three-color bus traffic lights at intersections with central bus-only lanes that have different traffic signals for general vehicles and buses. In the past, there was a sign reading “Bus Only” on the upper side of traffic lights for buses, but foreign visitors could not understand what it meant, and it was not clearly visible at night.

    Last May, the SMG installed three-color bus traffic lights at Euljiro 2-ga intersections for test operation in order to prevent drivers from getting confused by different traffic signs for general vehicles and buses.

    According to the satisfaction survey of 161 bus drivers who pass the Euljiro 2-ga intersections where the three-color bus traffic lights had been installed in the middle of last May, 61% of respondents gave positive responses to the installation of the new traffic lights. 41% of respondents said they had experienced confusing traffic lights for buses and general vehicles at intersections with a bus-only lane, reaffirming the need for improvement measures using differentiated traffic signs.

    The image of three-color bus traffic lights



    The three-color bus traffic lights will be installed at 122 intersections where different traffic signs are used for general vehicles and buses. The new traffic lights for buses are made clearly visible through the use of bus-shaped LED lighting. In addition, a sign reading “Bus Only” will be attached to help the drivers better understand the signs.

    The SMG, in cooperation with the National Police Agency, plans to prevent confusion of drivers, thereby reducing accidents, by installing the visually differentiated three-color bus traffic lights.