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  • SMG to Increase Women Protection Facilities

  • SMG 5415

    The SMG disclosed a plan to increase the number of women protection facilities, particularly those returning home late at night, from the present 673 to 1,000. The new plan will use big data Seoul Policy Map regarding spatial information that analyzed the following: ▲ areas where there are many women living alone, ▲ sex crime-prone areas and ▲ areas where there are many bars and nightlife spots.

    The plan includes the use of 24-hour convenience stores to offer protection to women returning home late at night and help women in danger. Emergency bells and the no-dialing system (When the phone is put off, it is automatically linked to the police) in those locations enables for the police to be dispatched to the scene.

    The SMG also provides wireless emergency bells to convenience stores. In an emergency situation, these bells kept in the pocket are used to call the police to rush to the scene with a simple push of a button.

    According to the SMG, 673 24-hour convenience stores in the city have helped women in need of emergency aid at night in a total of 171 cases since February 2014. The system is the first of its kind adopted by a local government.

    Women Protection Facility sign at 7-ELEVEN Women Protection Facility sign at GS25
    Women Protection Facility sign at C-SPACE Women Protection Facility sign at MINISTOP