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  • SMG to Improve Pedestrian Crossing Sign System

  • Traffic News SMG 4738


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government intends to improve the pedestrian crossing sign system as part of the comprehensive plan Walk, Seoul designed to make Seoul a city striving for pedestrians’ safety and convenience. The SMG plans to adopt a staggering system for pedestrian crossings in cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Under the plan, the pedestrian crossing time will be lengthened during rush hour or on specific days of the week.

    At present, the pedestrian crossing time is the same around the clock, with no consideration given to changing traffic volume or pedestrian characteristics. By improving the system, it is expected that pedestrians will be able to cross streets more conveniently during rush hours and lunch hours.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has been testing the system in five areas including Dongnimmun Station Crossing since April 2014 and is gradually expanding the areas based on an analysis of the results.

    The SMG will increase the areas where the new system is applied to 124 pedestrian crossings in the city. It will continue to improve the system by analyzing pedestrian characteristics by days of the week and hours of the day at 50 selected pedestrian crossings or where the number of pedestrians is increased sharply on weekends or public holidays in association with leisure activities or shopping.