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  • SMG to Implement Program Supporting Youth Activities

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 3584

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is implementing a program to provide support for activities for unemployed young people (i.e. allowance paid for social participation activities: 500,000 won a month for up to six months). The SMG has selected a total of 3,000 young people eligible to begin receiving the allowance on August 3 through a qualitative/quantitative appraisal based on documents submitted between July 4 and July 15. A sum of 500,000 won was paid to each of the 2,831 people who signed the agreement as the first monthly payment on August 3. The SMG will also provide programs designed to help young people build their capabilities and explore their future paths and take part in community activities.

    On July 27, the SMG held a session of the selection committee and screened out applicants unfit for the SMG’s program objective and those who had not submitted their activity plan through a qualitative assessment based on their motives, activity objectives, and plans.

    Successful applicants were eventually selected through a quantitative assessment based on factors such as ① household income (50%), ② period of unemployment after their graduation of school (50%), and ③ number of family members to be supported by them (bonus points).

    Commenting on the program, Mr. Jeon Hyo-gwan, an SMG official in charge of innovative planning said, “There were many more applicants who really need outside support, but we had to set the number of eligible beneficiaries at 3,000 in consideration of the central government’s opposition to our program. We will strive to expand the program as part of an effort to build a solid social safety net.”