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  • SMG Hosts Multi-cultural Families Experience Events

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  • In order to celebrate the month of family in May, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has prepared a variety of cultural experience programs where multi-cultural families can enjoy themselves.

    The Seoul Global Cultural Center in Myeong-dong is conducting 7 programs every day from May 3 (Tue.) – 8 (Sun.). The center is located in the Myeong-dong area, which many foreign tourists visit, to provide foreign residents with opportunities to experience Korean culture and supply useful information for living in Korea.

    □ Month of Family Event Schedule and Application of Seoul Global Cultural Center
    ○ May 3 (Tue.) 15:00-17:00 Making Multicultural Doll Monica
    ○ May 4 (Wed.) 16:00-18:00 Making Carnations with Korean Traditional Paper
    ○ May 5 (Thu.) 14:00-16:00 Making Folk Paintings
    ○ May 6 (Fri.) 10:30-12:00 Calligraphy in Korean
    ○ May 7 (Sat.) 10:30-7:00 Hanbok Wood Art DIY
    ○ May 8 (Sun.) 14:00-16:00 Complimentary Puppet Show: Let’s Play with Monica

    Photos from Programs of the Seoul Global Cultural Center

    Making Multicultural Doll Monica
    Making Carnations with Korean Traditional Paper
    Making Folk Paintings Calligraphy in Korean

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