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  • Seoul City Elevates MICE to the Top Level in 2017

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will inject KRW 10 billion to elevate its MICE industry, which was ranked 3rd in the world in 2016, to the highest level in the world in 2017.

    ※ MICE: Industry that encompasses Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conventions, and Exhibitions

    This year, the ‘SSS, See you in SEOUL Special (tentative title)’ package will be launched. As a total care service that offers various supports and trade discounts, the package will provide budget support, Seoul welcome kit, Incheon Airport welcoming message, and specialized tour programs to users. Promotion and marketing will start in the first half of 2017 focusing on the Asia region.

    The specialized tour programs for MICE participants is set for a paradigm shift this year to activate the local economy. Instead of filling up the itinerary with tourist attractions, this year’s programs will feature major festivals, events, traditional markets, night markets, and alley tours.

    The SMG will strive to elevate Seoul into the top MICE city in the world by announcing the “Five Plans to Promote MICE in 2017” and adding new businesses to the rising industry.

    The Five Plans include: ① Selection of support targets based on quantitative and qualitative indicators ② Launch of a comprehensive promotion package ③ Representative MICE Promotion Project for Seoul in Three Steps ④ Operation of specialized programs featuring new tourist resources ⑤ Conversion of the industry structure into a virtuous cycle through fortification of public-private cooperation.

    First, in 2017, when selecting MICE support targets, qualitative indicators will be added and revised to operate events that create high added value and boost the economy of Seoul.

    Second, ‘See you in SEOUL Special (tentative title)’ will begin its marketing campaign in the first half of 2017 as a newly launched support promotion package.

    ※ SSS, See you in SEOUL Special Package (tentative title)

    • – Support fund (Up to KRW 150 million for international conferences; up to KRW 100 million for corporate meetings and incentive tours)
    • – Seoul Welcome Kit (Small gift, Map of Seoul, Guide book, lucky bag), welcoming message at Incheon Airport, MICE card
    • – Development of specialized Seoul tour programs, operational support (50% of vehicle fee, portion of tour guide expenses)
    • – Provision of operational staff at the site and MICE supporters
    • – Trade discount (Performance, food and beverage discounts, welcome drink, etc.)

    Third, the ‘Representative MICE Promotion Project for Seoul in Three Steps’ will provide support in the order of Step 1 (Promising Businesses) → Step 2 (Globalization) → Step 3 (Convergence and Integration). The project will also provide funds, domestic and international PR, as well as a comprehensive welcoming service.

    Fourth, in 2017, programs will feature local events of Seoul such as major festivals, traditional markets, night markets, and alley tours.

    Fifth, a virtuous cycle will be established in the industry through partnership with ‘Seoul MICE Alliance, a consultative group for MICE-related industries in Seoul.’