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  • 11th of Each Month Designated as “Walk to Work Day”

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    In May 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the “1․2․3 Rules for Walking.” As November 11th was designated as Pedestrian Day, the SMG designated the 11th day of each month as “Walk to Work Day,” a practical campaign for all Seoul citizens.

    The SMG announced the “1․2․3 Rules for Walking” to help busy office workers put the rules into practice on the way to work, without having to spend an unmanageable amount of extra time in their commutes.
    ※ The campaign “1․2․3 Rules for Walking” refers to ① getting off one station earlier to walk to work, ② walking more than 2 km per day, and ③ taking the stairs when going up and down three stories or less.

    The SMG plans to conduct the campaign until the end of the year to encourage more citizens to participate, and marketing strategies are being devised in order to promote “Walk to Work Day.”