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  • SMG to Create 1,500 Social Contribution-related Jobs for 50+ Generation This Year

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    A 50+Consultant A coordinator for a senior citizens lounge


    The SMG is expecting to create 1,500 social contribution-related jobs for the 50+ generation (referring to those aged 50 to 64) this year. For this task, the SMG established the The SMG 50+Foundation in April 2016 and plans to spend 2.75 billion won of the 2016 budget.

    Under the program, individuals over the age of fifty engage in social development activities, utilizing their experience and expertise, and the SMG pays support funds for their activities. Anyone residing in Seoul can apply.

    The program is composed of the following types: ▴ support for new welfare demand, ▴ support for identifying solutions to problems associated with schools and neighborhood, ▴ support for life design of individuals of the 50+ generation, and ▴ support received from the Ministry of Employment and Labor, among others.

    As a result of such efforts, the SMG succeeded in creating 642 jobs in the first half of the year.

    For inquiries, please call the Seobuk 50+ Campus Job Support Office (☎ 070-7712-8377).