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  • Seoul to Award 6 Million Won for Foreign Community Events

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will award prize money of up to 6 million won (within 80% of the total expenses may be covered) to the winner of the 2017 Foreign Residents’ Community Culture Festival Contest. With this special funding, Seoul hopes to invigorate community and cultural events for foreign residents in Seoul and provide Korean citizens with opportunities to experience diverse cultures from around the world.

    All cultural events in Seoul hosted by a foreign community group or private organization featuring music, sports, food, or clothing are eligible to apply to enter the contest between March and November 2017. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will announce the winner and the details/amount of the prize money to be awarded by no later than the beginning of March.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Notice

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hereby announces its support project to promote a variety of cultural events held by foreign community members in Seoul.

    2017 Seoul Support Project for Foreign Community Cultural Events

    • 1. Eligibility: Foreign cultural events to be held during 2017 in Seoul
      • ❍ Cultural events in Seoul hosted by a foreign community group
      • ❍ Cultural events hosted by a private organization
    • 2. Subsidy Amount
      • ❍ Partial support for event expenses (up to 80% of total expenses may be covered)
      • ❍ Maximum subsidy amount is limited to 6 million Korean won
    • 3. Application
      • ❍ Period: 2017. 2.8(Wed) ~ 2.17(Fri), 18:00
      • ❍ Documents to Submit: Application Form, Self-introduction to the Organization, Detailed Event Plan
      • ※ Please download the Application Form from the SMG website (www.seoul.go.kr) or the Seoul Global Center’s website (global.seoul.go.kr)
      • ❍ How to Apply: By e-mail
      • ❍ Where to Apply: Multiculturalism Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government
      • – E-mail: happygoods@seoul.go.kr
      • – Tel.: (02) 2133-5077
    • 4. Other (All submitted documents will not be returned)
      • ❍ Following the criteria for selection, one event per country will be chosen, in which non- cultural exchange events such as private internal events, club events, and fundraising events will be excluded from consideration for support.
      • ❍ Events that have been selected will receive a notification, and special arrangements regarding each event will be made respectively.
      • ❍ More than one event per country may be selected in certain circumstances. (e.g. for events celebrating two countries’ diplomatic ties) Also, arrangements regarding the date, time, and venue of all events will be discussed and decided upon with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. (All events have to be held before November.)
      • ❍ After examining the financial statements from each event, and determining that there are no problems, the grant will be provided within 30 days after the event.

    2017. 2. 1.
    Mayor of Seoul

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