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  • Sketches of “Seoul SNS Conference 2013”

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    Seoul SNS Conference 2013 kicks off on April 19

    Themed “See, learN, and Share (SNS),” the SNS conference was attended by more than 500 people including central government officials, representatives of regional and municipal governments, and general public. The attendants shared valuable information on a variety of roles played by SNS in general and diverse uses of SNS by public agencies in particular.

    Among the people whose cases attracted attendants’ interest were Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, who is known among experts as a social designer, and former Korean Prime Minster Kim Hwang Sik who got famous for posting his handwritten letters on Facebook while in office for their love of social media. Special presenters were the Facebook sysop of Busan Metropolitan Police Agency whose ticket to fame was his reader-friendly writing of not-so-pleasant news of accidents or stiff public notices and the Goyang City Facebook sysop who is well-known for the unique ending of city posts. Along with the image of a cute cat (the name Goyang sounds like cat in Korean), the city adds intriguing suffixes such as “raong” (similar to a cat’s sound in Korean) or “goyang” (same word as the city name) at the end of a sentence (in Korean, a sentence ends with a verb; Koreans, especially the young, tend to add unnecessary but interesting suffixes to verbs arbitrarily just for fun).

    At the end of the conference, participants agreed that the purpose of communication is human beings. What has changed is just the means of communication. The channel used by a skillful communication strategist is not as important as communicators’ integrity. Public officials must work harder to create sympathy, moving through contents made by citizens.