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  • Sixteen Bus Routes in Seoul Adjusted from February 27

  • Transport News SMG 3549

    From February 27, sixteen bus routes in Seoul will be adjusted. The adjusted bus routes will be as follows: nine bus routes to relieve the inconvenience of passengers, six bus routes for efficiency, and one bus route where the bus garage is located in a flood prone area.

    < Adjustment of nine bus routes where the bus schedule was not met due to frequently stagnant sections or bypass >

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has focused on improving the inconvenience of using buses due to irregular schedules. Thus, if the schedules of nine bus routes are kept well, this will greatly enhance the convenience of taking buses. Among the bus routes concerned, those with adjusted routes are No. 142, No. 2013, No. 2115, No. 3219, No. 6617, and No. 710, and those with reduced routes are No. 3418, No. 463, and No. 503.

    <Reduced long distance and redundant routes, and eliminated routes with less passengers and allocated to the busiest routes >

    The bus routes of No. 163 and No. 1218, currently operating long-distance and redundant routes, will be reduced, and buses operating on the routes with a small number of passengers – No.1146, No. 7719, No. 8441, and No. 8442 – will be removed and allocated to those routes with many more passengers.

    <Integration of bus routes prone to damage by floods and routes that operate with no passengers for about 20km from the bus garage >

    Routes No. 41 and No. 4434 that previously operated from Jungnang Garage to Tancheon, with no passengers for 20km and used the Tancheon parking lot as a bus garage, will be integrated with the No. 242 route to raise efficiency while easing traffic congestion on the Jungnang-Gangnam route.

    For more information, please call ☎2133-2282~5 or ☎415-4103. Detailed information on the adjusted bus numbers, routes, and travel stops can be found on the website of the Seoul Transportation Information Center (http://bus.seoul.go.kr) and the smartphone mobile website (m.bus.go.kr).