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  • The Six-Lane Eungbonggyo Bridge Expected to Open in Mid-October

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    Eungbonggyo Bridge, a four-lane bridge connecting the northern end of Seongsudaegyo Bridge and Seongdong-gu, will be opened in mid-October as a six-lane bridge (total expansion of 633 meters). The expansion and improvement work on Eungbonggyo Bridge began in October 2008, and is slated for completion in December 2015, when the construction of additional facilities will also be completed.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to open the four lanes that have already been completed at 4 pm on August 31 in order to alleviate the inconvenience that the construction work has been causing citizens, who have been forced to use an S-shaped temporary bridge.

    Despite the inconvenience, however, pedestrians will have to continue using the pedestrian walkway on the temporary bridge for safety reasons until October, when the installation of the new pedestrian walkway, elevators, and other safety facilities are expected to be completed.

    The traffic volume on Eungbonggyo Bridge reaches a daily average of 56,000 vehicles, which had to be accounted for while the expansion work was being carried out. Additional difficulties were caused by the location of the bridge, and as a result, the construction work has taken longer than initially expected.

    Eungbonggyo Bridge is located near Eungbongsan Mountain, which is one of the best vantage points in Seoul. This construction focuses on the improvement of the existing bridge by reconstructing the middle section of Eungbonggyo Bridge, crossing Jungnangcheon Stream, in the form of a beautifully-sculpted arch, allowing it to blend in well with its surroundings.

    The first four lanes scheduled to open on August 31 will be maintained until the completion of the expansion work, and the removal of the S-shaped temporary bridge will begin in mid-October, when measures against storms and floods are to be lifted.


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