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  • Sisterhood relationship between Seoul and Tashkent: the first global initiative of Mayor Oh’s new term

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    As Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and Seoul formalized their sister city relationship, Tashkent became the first sister city to be formalized in the new term of Mayor Oh. Mayor Oh was elected as the 5th Mayor by popular vote.

    Mayor Oh received an official visit of the Mayor Tukhtaev A.K. and his delegation on July 2nd and formalized the sister city relationship between Seoul and Tashkent. Both mayors also discussed how the two cities would expand and facilitate mutual exchanges and cooperation.

    Uzbekistan is recognized as a strategically important country with rich natural resources. The capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, is the largest industrial city in Central Asia and has a 2,000-year history. Since Tashkent and Seoul concluded ‘the Friendship City Agreement’ in March 2006 both cities have continued human and cultural exchanges.

    With the conclusion of the sisterhood relationship, it is expected that the “Seoul Park” project – aimed at building a world class park in Tashkent by 2012 – in Tashkent will speed up. The park will serve to introduce Korea’s traditional culture, to instill national pride in the Koreans residing in Uzbekistan, and to promote mutually friendly relationship. In addition, Seoul also expects the park to be loved by the citizens of Tashkent through its dynamic and cheerful presentation of the culture of Seoul, the center of Northeast Asia.

    As well as being the 23rd sister city of Seoul, this particular sister city relationship with Tashkent also carries the added significance of being the first international exchange of its kind to take place during Mayor Oh new term of office. It is also expected to bring about more active exchanges and cooperation with Central Asia.

    Mayor Oh said, “I will make the utmost effort to promote friendship and cooperation between the two cities by promoting substantive exchanges in various fields, such as urban development, green growth and transportation.”