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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Sinseol Jonghap Market

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1474

    Sinseol Jonghap Market began to be formed in 1971 as a group of local merchants opened their shops at the current marketplace. The market has since then continued to grow its influence upon the economic life of the local community and still plays an important role in supplying daily necessities. The popularity of the market among the local shoppers is dependent upon its capability to offer fresh high-quality products at competitive prices via the direct day-by-day transactions with the producers. Currently, the market contains about 150 shops trading a wide variety of merchandise including meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, kitchen appliances, food, plastic and vinyl sheets as well as tiny snack bars and diners serving sundaeguk (Korean black pudding soup), jokbal (steamed pig’s feet), noodles, gimbap (laver rice rolls) and various fries.