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  • Single-Person Household Policies and Information Available Online Starting September

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    Single-Person Household Homepage

    Single-Person Household Homepage

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) launched a new website (https://1in.seoul.go.kr) on September 9 to provide citizens with one-stop service for accessing single-person household-related policies and information.

    The website provides access to a wide variety of Seoul and district-initiated single-person household policies as well as useful information of programs, events, consultations and meetings targeting such households. You can search to find tailored information by selecting your location of residence, age, gender, and other categories.

    According to the SMG, the website provides single-person households with one-stop integrated service of practical and helpful information to alleviate the previously complicated process of searching for each individual piece of information in roundabout ways.

    The website comprises five main webpages: About; Services; Programs; Map; and Forum.

    The About page offers an overview of the SMG’s vision and goals for single-person households as well as its special measures and information on agencies related to single-person households.

    The Services page provides information on Seoul and district-initiated policies to solve the five unstable factors of single-person households: housing; security; illness; poverty; and loneliness. You can search for tailored information by selecting your location of residence, age, and gender.

    The Programs page is a one-stop site to find information on various programs, events, consultations, and meetings run Seoul and district-operated centers that support single-person households. You can search for local participatory programs via the location-based map service.

    The website will be frequently updated with useful information for single-person households as videos and card news.