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  • Singer Yoon Do Hyun and Others Become “Seoul’s Honorary Bicycle Ambassadors”

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    On June 23, Seoul designated 11 individuals, including Korean rock star Yoon Do Hyun and professional YouTubers, as “ Seoul’s Honorary Bicycle Ambassadors.”

    The appointment of honorary bicycle ambassadors happened for the first time in four years after the appointment of Shin Soo-ji, the broadcaster and former rhythmic gymnast, in 2016. This time, the list of the appointed honorary ambassadors is composed of various kinds of people including singer Yoon Do Hyun, YouTube creators with specializations in bicycles, and an individual with a unique experience of participating in a bicycle contest riding Ttareungi.

    Singer Yoon Do Hyun, who is very popular among the public, is not only very interested in environmental problems but is also well-known as a member of the bicycle mania, having been featured riding bicycles on several media channels, including the TV show “I Live Alone.”

    This appointment of honorary bicycle ambassadors is different from those in the past as it is characterized by its composition of various kinds of members. A number of YouTube creators are included in the list so that they could lead the bicycle culture and encourage citizen participation through video content.

    In the past, ambassadors’ friendliness and familiarity were considered for selection. However this time, the honorary bicycle ambassadors were selected due to their close connection to riding bicycles and the fact that they can play a promotional role for bicycle-related information and policies for the citizens. The YouTuber creators were selected because the communication channel of the netizens nowadays is YouTube.

    The appointment ceremony for the singer, bloggers, and YouTubers will be unique as well. Part 1 will be the official appointment ceremony and part 2 will be a viewing of the video entitled, “The World of Bicycle Mania.”