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  • Side By Side with Citizens, Seoul’s Honorary Hope Ambassadors Are Here!

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    The actor Ji Sung, the singer Sean, the comedian Lee Su-geun, the musical director Kolleen Park, and the photographer Jo Se-hyeon: along with all these familiar names, twenty people known for their achievements in their respective fields, but who also dedicate their free time to community activities, were selected at the appointment ceremony as ‘Seoul’s Honorary Hope Ambassadors’ on the 17th of last month. In addition to the above-named, the actors Gweon Hae-hyo, Lee Gwang-gi, Hwang Useulhye, Nam Gyu-ri, and Choe Bul-am; the golfer Choe Gyeong-ju; the tenor Im Tae-gyeong, and a number of others were appointed as honorary ambassadors. The role of an honorary ambassador will be expanded to that of an ‘Ambassador of Seoul’s Citizens’ in a bid to encourage the ambassadors to become ‘wish-fulfillers’ and ‘dream-makers’ on behalf of the citizens of Seoul, by directing their respective talents to the production of promotional materials and participation in public events.

    In the near future, Seoul’s twenty ‘Honorary Ambassadors’ will facilitate the spread of various activities designed as services for citizens (by taking part in lectures, volunteer work, etc.), primarily by offering their talents where needed to individuals, schools, organizations, traditional markets, and social enterprises that have fallen into adversity and are in need of courage and support.

    The appointment ceremony was particularly noteworthy for the on-location lottery and the reading of small contributions written by citizens on the subject of ‘Dreams I want to come true’: sixteen of the honorary ambassadors chose one each from the ‘Lottery Event Sharing People’s Dreams’, taking the first step towards making each dream come true in their role as ambassadors. The citizens’ written requests for help were submitted on Seoul’s public homepage between August 8 (Thu) and 14 (Tue), and were randomly selected by the ambassadors attending the appointment ceremony with a view to making their dreams reality.