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  • My own Hangeul, my Hangeul writing!

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    나만의 한글 감성, 나만의 손 글씨

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding a contest “My own Hangeul, my Hangeul writing” in celebration of the 575th Hangeul Proclamation Day on October 9, 2021. Through the contest, the SMG intends to urge foreigners to express Hangeul as their foreign language with their handwriting and meaningfully commemorate the Hangeul Proclamation Day as they feel the beauty and diversity of Hangeul and the affection for the letters.

    ※ The Hangeul Proclamation Day is a national holiday to commemorate the creation and the proclamation of Korean character Hangeul (Hunminjeongeum) by King Sejong and celebrate its excellence.

    Any foreigner who lives in Seoul can participate in the contest. Handwriting can be done about a free subject to boast one’s writing style of Hangeul. Any handmade works, such as brush writing, illustrated poems, painting and calligraphy, can be submitted.

    Application is accepted via the official SMG website and the following link (http://naver.me/Ft8Umzdh). The application period is from Sep. 15 to Sep. 30.

    The Committee of <GugeoBaleugeSseugi>, which is playing a variety of roles in developing and preserving Korean, will examine the submitted works and a total of 30 works will be selected. The winners will be announced on the official SMG website and social media channels on Oct. 7, and they will receive diverse souvenirs of Seoul, including the mother-of-pearl memo pad with the image of Bukchon and more.

    The SMG expects many foreigners will take this contest open to every foreigner who lives in Seoul as an opportunity to show off their Hangeul handwriting and express their love for Hangeul.

    Application: http://naver.me/Ft8Umzdh